Eric Evans to present @SpringOne!

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Doing it again It’s already over 2 years since the idea to launch a European conference dedicated to the ever-growing Spring community was first discussed. After having announced the first (2006) edition of SpringOne at JavaPolis 2005, over 400 people signed up for the conference – over 20% more than we anticipated. SpringOne 2006 was a great success.

Due to the piles of positive feedback we have received after the 2006 edition, with many attendees reacting very positively to the strong focus on Spring and enterprise Java, we decided about 7 months ago to organize a 2007 edition. The conference takes place on June 20 – 22, in Antwerp, Belgium. These are some of the highlights.

This year’s highlights Of course one of the highlights of the show will be Eric Evans’ keynote presentation. When I first contacted Eric a couple of months ago about whether he wanted to present at the show, it looked like it was going to be extremely difficult to fit the conference into his crazy schedule. However, fortunately, Eric was able to make it after all and I must say I’m honored to be able to welcome him at our conference. Furthermore, Interface21’s CEO, Rod Johnson, and CTO, Adrian Colyer, will provide the audience with a sparkling update on the developments that can be expected within the Spring product portfolio in the next year. Furthermore, the conference will naturally be filled with in-depth technical presentations by many Spring committers and industry thought leaders including Juergen Hoeller, Rob Harrop, Arjen Poutsma and Ramnivas Laddad.

Status update Last week when I spoke to the SpringOne co-organizer, Stephan Janssen of Be-JUG, I was very pleased to hear that many of you have visited the website and that interest in the conference has increased in comparison to last year. With nearly three weeks to go, the number of people registered for the conference is about 25% higher compared to the same time last year, which is really exciting! I hope you can all make it to Antwerp in a couple of weeks, and look forward to meeting you there!

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