Interface21 Mentioned in Testimony Before Congress

Engineering | Rod Johnson | September 07, 2007 | ...

Interface21 got mentioned in testimony before Congress.

Jonathan Silver, a venture capitalist and founder of Core Capital Partners, testified on Thursday against proposed changes in tax rates applying to VCs. One of his arguments was that venture-based companies create jobs across the US:

Where will the next important businesses come from? The truth is, no one knows and that’s why venture capitalists look everywhere, and in all fifty states, for those opportunities. It’s why venture funds have backed Music Nation in New York City and Incept Biosystems in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Interface21 in West Melbourne, Florida, Boston Power in Westborough, Massachusetts and Click Forensics in San Antonio, Texas.

Actually, our headquarters are moving to San Mateo, California. Like many software vendors, we believe that Silicon Valley is the best place to achieve our potential. The largest concentration of our partners is here, and it's a great place to recruit executive talent in the software business. However, Silver's point is still valid. We are creating jobs in Florida--where our web team is based and is currently doing great things with Spring Web Flow--across the US, and worldwide.

Shameless pitch: we are currently recruiting in North America, the UK, Germany and Australia. If you know and love Spring and want to work in an exciting mix of product development, training/consulting and support, we'd love to talk to you. I guess there's a distinction here between venture investors who do help to drive job creation and private equity investors who may contribute less to the economy.

It's probably fortunate that Congress wasn't told that we have spread dependency injection throughout the US. I wonder what they would make of that.

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