The Spring Tool Suite

Engineering | Adrian Colyer | October 16, 2007 | ...

You may have seen some of the recent press surrounding the announcement that Interface21 is partnering with Tasktop to create a "Spring Tool Suite". This suite will bring together Spring IDE, the AspectJ Development Tools (AJDT), AspectJ, and Mylyn to create a task-focused approach to the development of Spring-powered enterprise applications. We hope to have a preview of the integrated suite available to share with you at the forthcoming The Spring Experience conference, but in the meantime you'll see many of the improvements flowing into the existing Spring IDE, AJDT, AspectJ, and Mylyn open source projects.

I'm pleased to announce that Christian Dupuis will be joining Interface21 in the New Year to help us take Spring IDE to a new level. I'm also pleased to say that Andy Clement, my long-time partner in crime on AspectJ also joined Interface21 last week. He will be working on AspectJ and AJDT as well as contributing to the Spring portfolio overall. Both Christian and Andy will be part of our tools lab in Vancouver, working with Mik Kersten and the Tasktop team. We have vacancies for two software engineers to work alongside Mik Kersten, Andy Clement, and Christian Dupuis in Vancouver: one position to work on the compiler and weaving engine, and one position to work on the IDE tools. If you are eligible to work in Vancouver and interested in one of these positions, please visit the Interface21 careers page for more information or email jobs_ca at interface21 dot com.

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