Spring Framework Maven Artifacts

By popular demand, the Spring Framework Maven artifacts are now being uploaded to the Spring Snapshot Maven Repository. You can find details about all of the Spring Portfolio Maven repositories in my previous post but I’ll reprint the details for the Spring snapshot repository here.

The Spring Snapshot Maven Repository is located at Using this repository requires you to add an entry to the <repositories/> element in your POM. It should look like this:

<repository> <id>spring-snapshot</id> <name>Spring Portfolio Snapshot Repository</name> <url></url> </repository>

The artifacts in this repository do not follow expected repository behaviors and will be removed regularly. At least the last 10 snapshot builds for a given artifact will be retained. If an artifact is removed from a distribution its snapshot builds will be removed immediately. On the release of a milestone or a final release, all snapshots for an artifact will be removed and a new snapshot for the next release created.

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