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Engineering | Daryl Heinz | January 17, 2008 | ...

Note: This post has been edited to reflect Spring's move to Pivotal. A more recent blog on Spring Training and Certification is here.

Since I joined SpringSource six months ago as the Director of Training, I have been hearing one consistent request. Based on the growing demand for Spring skills, developers and consultants worldwide are seeking quantifiable ways to demonstrate their Spring expertise. Likewise, the hiring managers behind that demand are asking for a certification program to help identify and hire technologists who have an immediately useful, baseline knowledge of Spring.

Much like the way the Spring project teams respond to the needs of the open source community, we have responded and are pleased to announce the SpringSource Certification Program. This program kicks off this month, January 2008, with the Spring Framework Professional certification.

To become a certified Spring Framework Professional, you must successfully complete a certification exam. A person is eligible to take the certification exam if that person has recently attended the Four Day Core Spring course, is a significant contributor within the Spring community, or can provide a reference to a Spring development effort in which he or she was actively involved. The Spring Framework Professional certification is granted on successful completion of the exam.

Note: Since Daryl wrote this blog, the original SpringSource Certification Program has been extended across many of Pivotal's products, not just Spring. Also a Certification exam can now be purchased directly - there is no need to take a training course

To learn more about the Pivotal Certification Program, please visit the website at, view our Training FAQs or or contact Pivotal Education using this Contact Form.

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