Portability, Fish and Chips

Engineering | Rod Johnson | May 09, 2008 | ...

It's been great to hear so much discussion on the SpringSource Application Platform, online and on the floor here at JavaOne. One of the most insightful comments is from WebSphere transaction architect Ian Robinson:

Does any of this affect WebSphere? Well, nothing has changed in the core Spring framework. Regardless of what the future holds for the SpringSource Application Platform, the core Spring framework project remains complimentary to WebSphere. Like fish and chips.
Ian is exactly right. The SpringSource Application Platform is another choice for Spring deployment. Nothing has changed in the Spring Framework and Portfolio itself, which remains committed to portability. We look forward to continuing our work with folk like Ian to ensure the optimal experience in running Spring on WebSphere and every other popular platform.

A short blog today. I'm off to give my repeat presentation on Spring 2.5 New and Notable--which unfortunately clashs with Ben Alex's session on Addressing Tomorrow's Security Requirements in Enterprise Applications. When I finish presenting at 5, it will have been a long--but good--week at Moscone...

Update - May 14, 2007

Just noted that WebSphere Foundation Architect Alan Little has reiterated IBM's commitment to working with Spring and SpringSource, and recognized the value Spring provides to WebSphere customers:
SpringSource has brought forth some interesting technology and concepts in the past with the Spring Framework. It provided us the concept of Inversion of Control containers, and a programming and component model that allows for loosely coupled components to be wired together to build applications. This programming model enables more and better reuse of software components. ... The concept of wiring applications together, and loose coupling are all things that people look to Spring to provide. We in WebSphere worked with SpringSource to help certify a level of Spring with the WebSphere Application Server, and will be doing more to ensure our customers use of the Spring Framework is a good one.
We look forward to continued cooperation.

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