Developing Rich Web Applications with Spring

Engineering | Keith Donald | July 17, 2008 | ...

I am pleased to announce that Developing Rich Web Applications with Spring, a three-day bootcamp lead by SpringSource engineers on web application development, is now available.  This intense, hands-on workshop teaches how to apply the latest versions of Spring Web MVC, Spring Web Flow, Spring JavaScript, and Spring Faces to create rich web applications.  It compliments our flagship "Core Spring" course by focusing squarely on using Spring to solve problems facing Java web application developers.

Key things you will learn in the bootcamp include:
  • How to design and implement REST architectures with Spring Web MVC 2.5
  • How to progressively enhance HTML pages and forms with Ajax behaviors using Spring JavaScript with the Dojo Toolkit
  • How to design and implement linear progressions that carry out application transactions with Spring Web Flow 2
  • How to implement web authentication and authorization models with Spring Security 2
  • How to optimize object persistence and concurrency in a high-volume web application environment
  • How to integrate JavaServerFaces component libraries into your application with Spring Faces
  • User interface best practices in the areas of style, layout, and accessibility
  • Testing strategies for all layers of a web application
  • Techniques for optimizing web application performance
Like all SpringSource workshops, "Developing Rich Web Applications with Spring" focuses on being hands-on and holistic.  We designed this bootcamp for teams building web applications to equip them with everything they need to hit the ground running with the latest and best version of Spring.  It is a great next course for those who have taken Core Spring, and is generally suitable for enterprise Java developers and architects seeking in-depth, comprehensive coverage of Spring for web application development.
    For more information and to register for an upcoming workshop, visit  I am very excited to be leading the first public bootcamp in Washington D.C on August 5th through 7th--I hope to see you there!

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