Announcing dm Server Getting Started Guide

Engineering | Rob Harrop | March 30, 2009 | ...

Over the past few months, the community has shown a great deal of interest in dm Server. The forums are very active and we always have stimulating discussions when presenting at conferences. We've noticed that a lot of the same questions come up as users start developing their first applications for dm Server, and so we've put together a Getting Started Guide to help get you up to speed much more quickly.

By reading the Getting Started Guide and studying the accompanying sample you'll learn best practices for :

  • installing the dm Server
  • setting up an effective development environment using the dm Server Eclipse tools
  • creating web modules for presentation logic
  • structuring your application with separate middle-tier and data access modules
  • creating and managing shared services such as Data Sources
  • creating unit and integration tests
  • building dm Server applications using Maven

The guide is available in HTML and PDF formats, and the full code for the sample application can be found here.

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