Spring Roo 1.0.0 Released

Engineering | Ben Alex | December 31, 2009 | ...

We're delighted to announce the general availability (GA) of Spring Roo 1.0.0.

Spring Roo is a next-generation rapid application development tool for Java developers. With Roo you can easily build full Java applications in minutes. It differs from other tools by focusing on:

  • Higher Java productivity: Try the ten minute test and see for yourself.
  • Stock-standard Java: Roo uses the Java APIs and standards you already know and trust.
  • Usable and learnable: Roo features an extremely high level of usability and an advanced shell.
  • No engineering trade-offs: Roo has no runtime portion and does not impose any CPU, RAM or disk storage cost.
  • Easy Roo removal: Roo can be easily removed from a user project in under five minutes.

This release follows some eight community releases (A1, A2, M1, M2, RC1, RC2, RC3, RC4) and extensive feedback. Before reaching Roo 1.0.0 we already had over 1,000 forum posts and some 500 Jira issues logged. There's already been dozens of conference and JUG presentations on Roo, several third-party add-ons and there's even people already writing a commercial book on Roo.

Spring Roo is thoroughly documented, with around 100 pages of detailed documentation available online and in the download ZIP. You can read a three-part blog series introducing Roo, plus view recently-updated conference presentations (Introduction to Roo and Roo Technical Deep Dive).

You can download this new version of Roo, plus access key links at:

We hope you that enjoy using Roo. The Roo team will be taking a short break to celebrate the New Year, and we look forward to hearing about your Roo experiences and following up with more Roo resources.

Happy New Year!

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