Groovy-Eclipse 2.0.0 Released

Releases | Christian Dupuis | January 15, 2010 | ...

At the start of May 2009 we announced we were working on a new approach to joint compilation for mixed Java/Groovy projects in Eclipse. We are pleased to now announce the final release of Groovy-Eclipse v2.0.0, based on that new technology. During the months of development we have rebased (and almost entirely rewritten) version 1 of the Groovy-Eclipse plugin, with the goal of offering first class Groovy support in the Eclipse IDE, comparable to the experience Java developers have in Eclipse.

The most important new features that Groovy-Eclipse 2.0.0 provides are:

  • a new approach to compiling joint Groovy-Java code that does not require a stub compiler
  • advanced and extensible content assist
  • vast speed and memory improvements over previous releases
  • debug support
  • deep integration with the Java Development tools

Also, over 380 bugs have been addressed since the previous release.

See the release notes.

The Eclipse update site is available here:


Please comment on the roadmap if you want a say in the planning of future releases.

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