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First Virgo Milestone Ships

Virgo from EclipseRT
The first milestone (2.1.0.M01) of Eclipse Virgo is now available for download under the Eclipse Public License. This consists of an application server, known as the Virgo Web Server, and a stand-alone kernel.

The goal of this milestone is for dm Server 2.0.x users to be able to migrate to it relatively painlessly and have an equally stable environment. SpringSource is offering commercial support for Virgo and we encourage all dm Server users to migrate to Virgo. The main communication channel with users is now the Virgo forum. There is also a Virgo developer mailing list and a weekly Virgo community call.

This is a major step for the Virgo project and demonstrates that the dm Server code contribution is complete. Users who want to package and distribute Virgo can now do so under the terms of the Eclipse Public License.

Documentation is available online in the form of a User Guide, a Programmer Guide, and a draft “getting started guide”. Then there is a growing body of developer-oriented information – including a conceptual overview, a source code directory, and build tips – in the Virgo wiki.

Although the Eclipse-based dm Server application development tools will be contributed to Eclipse in due course, Virgo support has been added to the SpringSource Tool Suite in the interim. This is available by downloading STS 2.3.2 and installing the latest dm Server tools from the update site at http://www.springsource.com/snapshot/e3.5.


In January Adrian Colyer announced our intention to donate SpringSource dm Server to Eclipse. The project proposal which was approved in February and the Virgo project created. Since then we have set up source code repositories, created a wiki, and tweaked the code in preparation for a formal release with full Eclipse legal approval. In May dm Server won the Eclipse Community Award for Best EclipseRT application, which is particularly fitting since Virgo is a subproject of EclipseRT.

Today’s milestone demonstrates our continuing commitment to OSGi and to Virgo, the future of the dm Server project.

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