Spring Integration 2.0 GA Released (11/2010)

Releases | Adam Fitzgerald | November 29, 2010 | ...

Just in case you missed it, last week Mark Fisher announced that Spring Integration 2.0 is now GA. There is a "What's new in Spring Integration 2.0?" section in the reference manual that serves as a great starting point for existing 1.0 users and provides several links to the relevant sections within the manual where the new features are explained in detail. Mark's blog also covers the appropriate Maven POM entries and a sample application for the community to try.

There is also a recent webinar entitled Message-Driven Architecture with Spring that includes a fairly broad overview of Spring's support for ApplicationEvents, JMS, AMQP, Task Execution, and Scheduling. Also covered is a demo showing many adapters: REST, SOAP, email, XMPP, and Twitter. The webinar is highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn as much as they can, in just one hour, about Spring Integration and how it fits within the Spring platform.

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