This week in Spring: February 15th, 2011

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This last week has seen a record number of... well, records, if nothing else! First, Juergen Hoeller - Spring project lead and all around nice guy - gave a webinar introducing the new features in Spring 3.1 to record attendance numbers. Then, as if that weren't enough, the next day the first milestone of Spring 3.1 was released to record numbers of downloads. That would've been enough. I don't know about you, but I could've stopped right there. Then, over the course of the last week we've seen what I imagine is a record number of new releases from other Spring projects! Finally, yesterday, no doubt in reaction to all this other record activity, we saw the largest record number of people hit the SpringSource blog yet! In summary, Spring 3.1 milestone mania, numerous new projects, and as always a healthy dose of community-awesomeness (go team!)

      <li>Hot on the heels of Juergen's Spring 3.1 webinar, Chris Beams got the ball rolling on the  first three   of many  posts on the numerous new features in Spring 3.1. 
    	<a href="">

    The first post introduces Spring 3.1 M1, generally. The second post introduces Spring 3.1's "profiles," which let you partition your beans along environment-specific lines with Environments. The third post introduces the Unified Property Management capabilities of the Environment abstraction.

    	Matt Raible has put together a good introduction to extension-less URLs in  
    	<a href="" > 
    		Spring MVC, Tapestry 5, Struts 2 and JSF on JavaLobby. </a>  Check it out!
     <li>  The <a href=""> first Spring Security 3.1  release candidate has been released</a>, featuring numerous fixes and updates since the last milestone. </li> <li>Jeremy Grelle <a href="">announced the 1.5.0 RC2 release of the Spring BlazeDS project</a> - lots of exciting new features (including compatibility with the recently released Spring Integration 2.0) </li>
     <li>Christophe Coenraets provides  a quick introduction <a href="">to integrating  Spring and Flex using the Spring BlazeDS project! A great introduction for even greater technologies!
    	</a> </li>
    		<li>The hits keep on coming out of the Spring Data project - Thomas Risberg just announced the first milestone of the Spring Data Document (1.0.0.M1) sub project's <a href="">support for MongoDB.</a>  </li>  
    		<li>Oliver Gierke just announced the first milestone of the Spring Data JPA sub project. The Spring Data JPA project - formerly called the Hades project - provides a conventions-centric approach to build JPA-based repositories to access data with a minimum of fuss. </li>
    		<li>Costin Leau also announced the <a href="">second milestone of the Spring Data Key Value </a> sub project, encompassing support for the Riak and Redis NoSQL stores. 
    	For the many Python users out there, <a href="">Greg Turnquist just announced</a> 
    	the new, 1.2.0 FINAL release of		<a href="">Spring Python,</a> the framework that brings idiomatic Python  ("Pythonic") dependency injection and support - in the spirit of the Spring framework - to the Python language, has just been released! Check it out! 
    <li> <a href="">Chris Beams' SpringOne2GX 2010 introduction to the new configuration options in Spring 3.1</a> is now available on 
     	<a href="">The Spring Android project, version 1.0.0.M2, has just been released.
    	Gordon Dickens is at it again, this time with a review of the <a href="">cool features coming in Spring 3.1. </a>
      <li>The Java Code Geeks have put together <a href="">
    a quick tutorial on Spring MVC </a></li>
  1. This post provides a good introduction to how to build an application using Spring, Hibernate and SpringSource Tool Suite . It's a good read for those getting started with Spring's ORM support.

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