This Week in Spring: November 1st, 2011

Engineering | Adam Fitzgerald | November 01, 2011 | ...

Wow! Last week's SpringOne 2GX event was sensational. It was an amazing time, and it was - as usual - great to see the Spring community going so strong. I can't wait until the videos from the event start to appear on

We've got a lot to cover this week, though, so let's get into it!

    Don't tell anyone, but even if you missed SpringOne 2GX, the decks for all the talks should be on, and the videos for all the talks will be on soon.

    To tide you over in the short term, the deck from SpringSource CTO Adrian Colyer's keynote - "Spring yesterday, today, and tomorrow" - is available online. Thanks Adrian!

     One of the many big announcements that came from the SpringOne2GX event was	 that of <a href= "">Neo4j 2.0</a>. 
            If you're curious to learn more about how Spring (through the <A HREF= "">Spring Data Neo4j project</A>) can work with Neo4J, check out <a href= "">this page</a>.
  1. Eugene also wrote a three part(!!) series on building a RESTful web service with Spring 3.1 and Java configuration! Here's part 1, on bootstrapping a web application with Java configuration, and part 2, on building a RESTful web service with Spring and part 3, on securing the web application. Great job, Eugene!
  2.   At <a href= "">SpringOne 2GX</A> just last week, <EM>two</EM> different people approached me about their use cases for multi-tenancy with Spring and Hibernate. 
     Ken DeLong, who I met last week, has written a <a href= "">blog post on the strategy he took</A> and was kind enough to share with us. Nice job, Ken, and thanks! 
  3. At the JAX London Spring track today, Eberhard Wolff gave an interesting talk on using Spring with Scala, and posted the slides. Good stuff and a welcome entry in the ever growing number of use cases for Spring and Scala.
  4. Johnny Ren has posted a high level overview (no code-level specifics) of the steps to securing a web application using Spring Security over on the JBoss blogs, in

    Understanding Spring Security and Role Based Access Control. I think this is useful because it points out some of what's possible with Spring and Spring Security, and you're free from there to pursue the specifics after. Good stuff!

  5. Time after time the Spring source code base has been audited by independant third parties. They review aspects of the code like code coverage, warnings, etc, and - as often as not - they review how clean the source code itself is. It is, of course, among the cleanest and most reliable code bases in open source. This latest analysis checks the code base for its adherance to GRASP patterns. (I'll spoil the results for you - of course it comes out roses! That doesn't make the analysis any less interesting.) Check it out!
    By the by, for those curious about how the code's stayed so clean and well designed, check out Spring project lead's interview on the Software Engineering podcast a few years ago, in which he details his approach to keeping code organized and to evolving it.
    	There are lots of goodies in Spring 3.1, but one that has received a lot of attention is the updated testing support. Testing's an important part to
    	enterprise software development, and Spring's always made this important task as easy as possible.  Check out the Java Code  Geek's blog on <a href= "">Spring 3 Testing with JUnit 4  with <CODE>ContextConfiguration</CODE> and <CODE>AbstractTransactionalJUnit4SpringContextTests</CODE></A>.
  6. Want to install Tomcat 7 and Solr on Centos 5.5? Look no further than this writeup.
  7.  <LI> Cobalto Labs has just announced the first release of their first version  of the 
    	   Scala Primavera project, which aims to bring the <a href= "">Scala language's expressiveness to Spring</A>. 
    	  Check it out, fellow Spring-loving Scala-heads!
  8. This blog post introduces how how to translate exceptions using Spring Roo. It's a great post, and - more to the point - it looks like there will be even more coming! I'll be happy to see even more. Nice job, Goldstift!
  9. 	 </oL>

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