This Week in Spring, November 22nd, 2011

Engineering | Josh Long | November 23, 2011 | ...

Welcome back to another installment of This Week in Spring. For those of us in the US, the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us.

Generally, the idea behind Thanksgiving (which has analogs in many other countries, as well) is to have a day to reflect on the things we are thankful for.

In that spirit, let me offer one of the things that I am thankful for: thank you, dear readers, for being part of the most awesome community out there. Between all the cool stuff you guys are doing and all the cool stuff happening at SpringSource, it is an absolute pleasure to put together this roundup every week. We hope you have a wonderful week and we look forward to seeing you next week.

    		 The video from the <a href= "">Spring Data Neo4J screencast is up</a>
    		  and available for those of you who missed it.   In addition to this, there is a <em>lot</EM> of great <a href="">recorded content on the SpringSource YouTube page</a>.
    				Eugen Paraschiv has continued his epic run of blog posts, this time introducing  
    				<a href = "">basic and digest authentication for a RESTful Service with Spring Security 3.1</a>. What an amazing series of blogs! Keep it up Eugen, and thanks for this latest post!
    				</li>	<li> <a href ="">WIRED has a great article on  the backstory behind  Cloud Foundry</a>. 
    		 Not a lot of technical information in this particular post, but you do get introduced to some of the awesome <A href= "">Cloud Foundry</a> team, and there's an awesome story there. Check it out!
    			<LI> Geraint Jones has written up a really <a href= "">good introduction to setting up a Spring MVC application</a>, complete with code.  
    	<LI> Jorge Hidalgo has written up a <em>really</em>  <a href = "">exhaustive tour of how to use Cloud Foundry and Spring</a>.  It shows  how to use a SpringSource Tool Suite and the   Cloud Foundry support, 
    					 set up a Spring application, and set up data access using MySQL. 				
    		Do you like the Spring Expression language? Want to use it in a scripting language? 
    		 Alex Soto has a blog discussing <a href= "">how to use the Spring Expression language as a JSR 233 scripting engine</a>.   The Spring Expression language is one of my favorite parts of the Spring framework. 
    		If you look, the large majority 	
    		of the code in that expression language was written by a <a href="">Andy Clement</a>, another one of the mad scientists 
    		helping make the Spring projects amazing. 
    	 The implementation  of the 
    		<a href ="">Spring Expression language</a>, 
    		just like the rest of the framework, is  
    		<a href= "">beautiful code</a>, and offers a lot  to learn about if you like grammar and parser design.			
    	<LI>  <a href = ""></a> has some very interesting  
    		 posts on tuning  

    Tomcat's performance. The first post is on setting up measurement of garbage collection in Apache Tomcat. The second post, which went up today, is about performance tuning in the JVM.

    		Do you like <a href= "">Cloud Foundry</a>? 
        Please consider voting  for Cloud Foundry 
    	at this year's <a href= "">Crunchies</a>. Voting's <EM>really</EM> easy, so don't delay!
    	<LI>  I saw some 
    		 <a href= "!/vFabric/status/138665870422589440">wonderful news</a> on the
    		   <a href="">@vFabric</a> account while trolling Twitter today: the 
    		<a href= "">Spring Migration Analyzer's been open sourced and made available</a>! 
    		The Spring Migration Analyzer  is a tool that analyzes Java EE applications for possible routes to a leaner, cleaner Spring based application. 
    			 It produces a report when  run  on a <code>.war</code> file.
    			 For more information on how to run the tool,  see the <a href=""><CODE>README</CODE></a>.

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