Video: Interview with Oleg Zhurakousky from JavaOne 2011

News | Adam Fitzgerald | December 16, 2011 | ...

Video Interview with Oleg Zhurakousky at JavaOne 2011

In this new video interview from InfoQ, Spring expert, Oleg Zhurakousky talks about messaging, Spring Integration, and Cloud Architectures. This interview, filmed in October at JavaOne 2011, provides some background to how the Spring team has been thinking about emerging new models of application design for cloud platforms.

Oleg talks about :

  • Developer choice and flexibility in cloud platforms and programming models
  • Alternate approaches to retrieving data through messaging and noSQL options
  • How messaging as an architectural paradigm is perfectly suited for large distributed systems

Many thanks to InfoQ for taking the time to talk to the Spring experts and providing this outstanding interview to the community.

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