Spring Roo 1.2.0.RELEASE available

It is my pleasure to announce that Spring Roo 1.2 GA has just been released. This release represents a significant amount of engineering effort by the Roo team and includes all the most popular features that the Roo user community have requested as well as many performance and usability improvements. The new features of Roo 1.2.0 are:

  • Apache 2.0 licensed

  • Multi-module Maven project support

  • JSF / PrimeFaces scaffolding

  • Services / repositories (using Spring Data JPA and Spring Data MongoDB)

  • Database reverse engineering multi-schema support

  • Flexible GWT support

  • Shell usability improvements

In my next blog coming soon, I will detail the new commands available to use these exciting new features.

Alan Stewart
Spring Roo Project Lead

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