Video: SpringOne 2GX - Getting Started With Spring Security 3.1

News | Adam Fitzgerald | January 03, 2012 | ...

SpringOne 2GX Video: Getting Started With Spring Security 3.1

The new year is off to a phenomenal start with more great content from SpringOne 2GX 2011, this time a detailed introduction to Getting Started with Spring Security 3.1. This video presentation is by Rob Winch, one of those amazing Spring community members that answers all kinds of questions on the community forums. In this introduction Rob covers:

  • The basic authentication and authorization capabilities of Spring Security
  • New features in the 3.1 release including
    • Stateless authentication for RESTful services
    • More JAAS integration and support
    • Support for multiple http elements
  • Lots and lots of real application samples

Many thanks to InfoQ for coming to Chicago to record so many of the fantastic SpringOne 2GX presentations.

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