This Week in Spring, January 10th, 2012

Engineering | Josh Long | January 11, 2012 | ...

 Welcome back to another installment of <EM>This Week in Spring</EM>! 
There's a lot to cover, so let's dive into it! 
	<LI>  Always eager to help ring in the new year properly, Mark Fisher announced the <a href  = "">Spring Integration 2.1 GA</a> yesterday.   
		 The new release has <EM>everything</EM>, and then some! It features new or revised support for a broad spectrum of technologies including AMQP, JDBC, GemFire, MongoDB, Redis, and much, much more. 
		<LI>Andy Clement and Martin Lippert's <a href = "">update on the latest and greatest on the SpringSource Tool  Suite tooling</a> from SpringOne2GX is up and available.  Check it out! 
	 <LI> Speaking of <a href  = "">Spring  Integration</a>, fans of the art of integration should check out John Davies' excellent talk on  <a href="">how his company is employing Spring Integration  to build massively scalable applications</a>.
		 Take it from me - a hardened enterprise integration wonk - John Davies has been around in this industry for a <EM>looong</EM> time, and he knows what he's talking about.  
	<LI> The fine folks at <a href ="">BSB labs</a>   have been playing with <a href = "">Spring 3.1 profile  activation</a>. The  blog entry comes complete with sample    code on GitHub!  </LI>
  • Blogger Matt Raible has an interesting blog illustrating the steps he took to get his ready-to-roll template application AppFuse, updated to the latest and greatest Spring 3.1 and Spring Security 3.1. Check it out!
  • The Java Developer Journal has an interesting piece on how to defer the runtime cost of logging by using Spring's support for asynchronous execution.
  • 	 <LI> Open source Java and, in particular, Tomcat, rule the day. Now, more than ever, people are rejecting heavy, monolithic application servers in favor of lightweight, singly focused applications that can be partitioned horizontally on both the front end and the backend. More often than not, they are choosing Tomcat to meet this requirement.  For more spiffy pie charts, check out   NewRelic blog, <A href= "">The Death of WebSphere and WebLogic App Servers? New Infographic shows the Rise of OSS Java</a>.  </LI>
    	<LI>James Ward's SpringOne talk on <a href = "">running Spring and Grails applications on Heroku</a> from <a href = "">SpringOne2GX</a> is now up on InfoQ. 
    		 Heroku is of course one more cloud on which Spring applications run portably. </LI>
    		<LI> <a href = "">Spring Security has moved to Github!</a>  Spring Security project lead Luke Taylor sent out the   <a href = "!/tekul/status/156872747442651137">change-of-address Tweet</a> this afternoon. Many of the Spring projects  have pretty uniformly moved to GitHub in the last year, and it's good to see Spring Security join the flock. </LI> 
    			 Blogger <EM>Madytyoo</EM> has an interesting blog on 
    			 using <a href = "">
    				the DHTMLX project with the Spring framework</a>.
    			</LI><LI> Markus Eisele has written up a blog series on the <EM>Heroes of Java</EM>.  

    He did a very informative interview with SpringSource founder Rod Johnson for the latest installment in the series.

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