Video: More Practical Tips and Tricks with Spring Integration

News | Adam Fitzgerald | May 11, 2012 | ...

This video provides a follow-up session to Oleg Zhurakousky's successful Spring Integration Tips and Tricks webinar exploring deeper and more complex patterns for integration. The questions for this session came out of the actual customer engagements as well as the questions that are most frequently asked on the Spring Integration forums. In this edition of "Practical Tips-and-Tricks" Oleg covers the advanced topics of enterprise integration such as advanced aggregation and resequencing, asynchronous message flows, message ID customizations, content enrichment and advanced message routing and more. This video is based on a refined version of Oleg's very successful talk delivered at SpringOne 2GX 2011.

To review basics of messaging and Spring Integration watch this Message Driven Architecture video by Mark Fisher and watch the previous video in this series: Spring Integration Tips and Tricks.

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