This Week in Spring - 9th October, 2012

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Welcome back to another installation of This week in Spring!. There's been a flurry of activity this week at SpringSource as we begin the final leg of the march to SpringOne! We're just a week away, and the show is shaping up every day to be the best show ever! We hope to see you there! Don't miss the day 1 and 2 keynotes from Adrian Colyer, Jurgen Hoeller, Mark Pollack, Graeme Rocher, as well as exciting sessions we've highlighted on in the last 4 weeks: Going Async - Push Notifications, Client-Side UI Smackdown, Decomposing Applications for Deployability and Scalability, How to build Big Data Pipelines for Hadoop using OSS.

  1. Alvin J Rayes put together a nice post on using Spring MVC 3 with Apache Tiles, the templating engine.
  2. Tool Suites lead Martin Lippert has announced that Spring Tool Suite and Groovy/Grails Tool Suite 3.1.0 have been released! Nice job, Martin!
  3. Spring Security lead Rob Winch has announced that Spring Security 2.0.8, 3.0.8, and 3.1.3 have been released! This brings the total number of outstanding bugs down to 0. Excellent work, Rob!
  4. Have you been following the exciting new blogs from the Spring Integration team on the upcoming Spring Integration 2.2 release's new features?
    	 <A href = "">Gary Russell has put together a nice blog on the new support for retry in Spring Integration</A>.  The support for retry capabilities originally comes from Spring Batch's support for retrying  
    	 operations, and was then factored out to the <a href="">Spring Retry</A> project. Now, you can take advantage of it in Spring Integration flows!
  5. Gunnar Hillert has a nice post on how to use the new adapters in Spring Integration 2.2 to work with JPA.
  6. Learning OAuth? Want to know about the scenarios in which OAuth can help better secure your RESTful APIs? Join Spring ninja Dr. David Syer for his article introducing OAuth, in terms of how Cloud Foundry uses it for the UAA service.
  7. 	<LI> Krishna Prasad has put together some very cool posts recently.  I liked his post on connecting systems using <a href="">publish-subscribe through Spring Integration and vFabric GemFire</a>. His next post, on  
    		 <A href = "">responsive web design using Twitter and Spring MVC </a>, is brilliant. Really well done, Krishna! 
  8. vFabric ninja Al Sargent has a quick field report from JavaOne, and the inexorable march towards simplicity.
  9. The folks at Broadleaf Commerce wrote up a nice article on integrating Spring Social with Broadleaf Commerce
  10. The Spring Social community continues to contribute extensions to Spring Social. Most recently, Jeffrey Williams has started an extension for integrating with Intuit's Quickbooks Online! Spring Social connects you to your social providers and all manner of other OAuth-secured services.
  11. Are you guys using Twitter? Be sure to check out this list of SpringSource people represented on Twitter.

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