Spring Data Gemfire 1.2.1 (and Gemfire 7.0) released

Releases | Pieter Humphrey | October 29, 2012 | ...

SpringSource is pleased to announce the GA release of Spring Data GemFire 1.2.1. This is being released concurrently with GemFire 7.0, adding Spring XML namespace support for the new WAN APIs introduced in GemFire 7.0.With this release of GemFire, Spring Data GemFire now enjoys  "first class citizen" status within the GemFire ecosystem and is prominently featured in GemFire's developer pages and documentation

This release follows the recently announced 1.2.0 release which provides:

  • Complete Spring XML namespace support for configuration of all GemFire resources, eliminating the need for GemFire's native cache XML (cache XML is also supported)
  • Spring Data Repositories for GemFire

Also of note, the GemFire Shell (gfsh) was built with Spring Shell

About Spring Data GemFire

Spring's goal has always been to make developers more productive, in part, by providing simple and flexible ways to enable enterprise integration and data access. For Java developers writing applications to work with GemFire, Spring Data GemFire leverages Spring's powerful and familiar programming model to achieve this goal. Even those new to the Spring Framework will find that Spring Data GemFire is the easiest way to configure and access the GemFire Data Grid.

Visit the Spring Data GemFire Project Home Page for more details.

About GemFire 7.0

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