Spring Framework 3.2 RC1 released

Engineering | Juergen Hoeller | November 05, 2012 | ...

Dear Spring community,

I'm pleased to announce that the first Spring Framework 3.2 release candidate is now available.

This generation of the core framework is a straightforward next step after last year's Spring Framework 3.1, continuing several well-established themes. Key features in Spring Framework 3.2 include:

  • A new Gradle-based framework build, making it easier than ever to contribute to the Spring Framework project on GitHub
  • Inlined CGLIB 3.0 and ASM 4.0, fully supporting Java 7 byte code and making CGLIB-based functionality available without explicit declaration of a CGLIB dependency
  • Allowing for @Autowired and @Value to be used as meta-annotations, e.g. to build custom injection annotations in combination with specific qualifiers
  • Support for custom @Bean definition annotations in @Configuration classes, e.g. in combination with specific qualifiers, @Lazy, @Primary, etc
  • Asynchronous MVC processing on Servlet 3.0, with Spring MVC handler methods being able to return Callables and DeferredResults (see Rossen's series of blog posts)
  • Inclusion of the formerly-standalone Spring MVC Test project, allowing for first-class testing of Spring MVC applications (stay tuned for Rossen's blog post on this)
  • Support for loading WebApplicationContexts in the TestContext framework (stay tuned for Sam's blog post on this)
  • Early support for JCache 0.5 (JSR-107) as a backend for Spring's cache abstraction

We are working towards the 3.2 GA release now, with a further release candidate - based on community feedback as well as remaining refinements on our side - coming in late November. We've received many pull requests in the course of the milestone phase already, so keep them coming on the way to GA (and beyond)!



P.S.: Due to ongoing delays in Java EE 7 land (it's scheduled for Q2 2013 now), we've decided to move forward with our core 3.2 features first, dealing with EE 7 spec updates in the Spring Framework 3.3 generation. In particular, expect full JCache, JPA 2.1, Bean Validation 1.1 and JMS 2.0 support in a timely Spring Framework 3.3 milestone next year.

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