This Week in Spring - 20 November, 2012

Engineering | Josh Long | November 20, 2012 | ...

Wow! Guys, can you believe we are again staring down the end of the year? Time sure flies! In the US, this is the week of Thanksgiving, a holiday where we're supposed to take a moment and reflect upon the things for which we're grateful. I am (and I'm sure I speak for the team in saying that we are..) eternally grateful for you guys, the wonderful, vibrant and engaging community surrounding Spring, RabbitMQ and Cloud Foundry that makes putting together this roundup such a pleasure every week.

With that, let's get on with the news:

  1. Thomas Risberg has announced that the Cloud Foundry Maven plugin 1.0.0.M4 is now available.
     <LI>Did you miss out at <A href="">SpringOneOne2GX 2012  in Washington D.C.</a>?  Don't fret. We'll release 2 sessions every week on <a href=""></a>. We've already released Day 1 and 2 Keynotes. Available now:  a talk from Rossen Stoyanchev on "What's New in Spring Mvc 3.2" and a talk from Roy Clarkson and Craig Walls on "Extending Spring Mvc With Spring Mobile and Javascript."
    <LI> Our friend Tobias Trelle is at it again! This week, he's   <A href ="">put together an interview with Oliver Gierke, the Spring Data  ninja</a>
    	<LI>Teammate, friend, mentor and Grails Developer Advocate <A href="">Peter Ledbrook</a>  
    		 had a great answer when I asked him if there was a Spring Integration / Grails solution. He linked me to this code by Stephane Maldini   
    		 which lets you tie the Spring Integration project's wealth of adapters supporting system-to-system communication <A href= "">to the eventing system in Grails</a>! That's <EM>really</EM> cool!   "The nice thing," Peter adds, "is it can be used with RabbitMQ to extend the event bus across multiple application instances on Cloud Foundry." Brilliant. Thanks, Peter!
  2. Mark Fisher, Jonas Partner, Marius Bogoevici and Iwein Fuld give an interview to InfoQ on their just-released book Spring Integration in Action.
    	  </LI> <LI> The <EM>all and sundry</em> blog has a nice post on how to build <a href="">standalone  (not run in an application server) Spring Integration applications</a>. </li>	
  3. Jakub Nabrdalik has a post on a great way to introduce design-by-contract-style pre-conditions, post-conditions and state to your Spring code to get rid of the null argument using a Spring aspect.
  4. The Java Revisited blog has a nice post on the difference between setter-injection and constructor-injection in Spring
  5. The Learn Java by Example blog has a nice, very introductory post on how to use @javax.inject.Inject in your Spring applications.
  6. Kevin Hookee has a nice blog introducing some basic concepts in the Spring framework.
  7. <LI>    Yohan Liyanage has put together a nice post that 
    	can be used to integration test Spring Data MongoDB solutions <A href = ""> by embedding MongoDB</a>.   Read on for more!  </li> 
    	<LI>  The <EM>Technical Notes</EM>   blog has put together a nice post 			<A href="">
    	introducing  the Spring internationalization support.  </a>

Happy turkey-day!

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