SpringOne 2GX 2012 Web Track: Designing REST-ful API using Spring 3, IOC in Javascript

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Designing a REST-ful API using Spring 3

In the course of creating VAS, we did a lot of work to design a useful REST API.

REST is generally a very loose collection of principals that can be interpreted in many ways, so this talk would describe a more concrete idea of what a REST-ful API should look like.

In addition, the implementation of this API was done with many of the new features in Spring 3 and are a good demonstration of the power it provides.

About Ben Hale

Ben Hale

Ben Hale is a senior software engineer with Springsource and a core developer on the SpringSource dm Server project. Ben specializes in middleware development with using technologies such as OSGi and Aspect Oriented Programming as well as directing the build and release processes for all products in the Spring and SpringSource portfolios.

His interests include middle-tier architecture and effective build and release management strategies.

Prior to joining SpringSource, Ben spent several years leading teams in architecture and development of large-scale enterprise management applications for the telecommunications industry.




IOC + Javascript

Thicker web clients and server-side JavaScript create complexity that must be managed through architectural patterns. JavaScript hasn't yet embraced lessons learned from other platforms, like Java+Spring. Existing JavaScript MVC frameworks are too rigid and lack sufficient architectural plumbing. Javascript needs flexible architectural infrastructure for building bigger, better apps.

In this talk, Brian and John will introduce several concepts, including JavaScript Modules and Inversion of Control, and demonstrate how they alleviate many of the dominant problems encountered when building large JavaScript apps. Attendees will gain a firmer understanding of new architectural patterns and witness tangible examples of how these patterns improve testability, refactorability, composability, division of work, and team scalability.

About Brian Cavalier

Brian Cavalier

Brian is a server-side Java guy turned front-end engineer, and open source fanatic. From collaborative aircraft maintenance systems for the US Navy, to Computer Assisted Surgery systems for Orthopedic surgery, to a global-scale content curation and personalization system, he loves building things that users love to use. He works at VMware on making the web more awesome, and is co-lead of the cujo.js architecture unframework (cujojs.com), a lover of Siberian huskies, family, and things with two wheels.

More about Brian: https://github.com/briancavalier http://blog.briancavalier.com/ http://www.slideshare.net/briancavalier http://lanyrd.com/profile/briancavalier/

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About John Hann

John Hann

John has been pushing the limits of the web since 1996 and has been totally engulfed in Javascript, HTML, and CSS since 2004. Of the 70+ enterprise-scale apps he's led, notable achievements include Ajax-ish and JSON-RPC-like browser apps way back in 1999 (US Patent 7,016,751), composable Javascript constructors for creating draggable modal dialogs in 2004, and a Javascript non-preemptive multi-tasking framework in 2007. When he's not working on his “top secret” project at VMWare or his latest side-project with his kids, John is sure to be coding tenaciously on the next generation of Javascript libraries at http://cujojs.github.com.

More about John: http://unscriptable.com/

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