This Week in Spring - December 4th, 2012

Engineering | Josh Long | December 05, 2012 | ...

Wow guys! December 4th already! Time sure flies when you're having fun!

Welcome back to another installment of <EM>This Week in Spring</EM>. This week, I'm in Beijing for <a href="">SpringOne China</a> and, next week, I'm off to India for <A href="">SpringOne India</a>. If you're in Beijing, Bangalore or Hyderabad, I'd love to see you at these events!

Alright, let's get on with this week's roundup!

  1. Mark Fisher gets the ball rolling this week with a very nice present: Spring Integration 2.2.0.GA has been released! The new release is well described in the blogs on the various new features referenced in the release announcement, so be sure to check it out!
    <LI>Martin Lippert's announced that the <a href="">Spring Tool Suite and Groovy Tool Suite 3.2.0.M1 have been released!</a> </li>
     <LI> Tobias Trelle is back at it again, <A href= "">this time</a> with a blog on 
     how to use Spring Batch with MongoDB, including working code <a href= "">at his GitHub repository 


  2. Be sure not to miss this webinar on Spring framework 3.2!
  3. The Java Dev Tips blog has an interesting post on working with custom annotations in the Spring framework.
  4. 		<LI> The All and Sundry blog has a <a href="">nice post on how to use Spring's Test MVC framework in Spring 3.2</a>. </lI>	
    			<LI>  The <EM>Kruders</EM> blog has an interesting post on how <a href= "">to configure multiple handler mappings with Spring MVC based on a priority</a> </lI>
    				<LI> The <EM>WikAdz</eM> blog has an interesting video on 

    Spring's autowiring capabilities.

  5. Check out this post on the Java Kart blog if you want a concise walk through introducing Spring MVC with an example?
  6. The Online Technology Vision bog has an interesting post on building Spring Batch jobs that are TaskletStep oriented.
  7. The Article Stack blog has a nice post on

    									 <A href= "">		 integrating Spring with Apache Tiles</a>.
    											 Apache Tiles is a nice way to manage complex layouts in web applications 
    											and can be used wit other view technologies besides <CODE>.JSP</CODE>  like 
    											 <a href= "">Thymeleaf</a>. It's also worth noting that Tiles gives you a nice, central place to
    											make decisions about what content is rendered based on the type of request.
    											This is useful, for example, when using Spring Mobile to 
    											render mobile form-factor appropriate content or 
    											more desktop-browser centric content. 
    												<LI> Dinuka Arseculeratne over at the Java Code Geeks blog 
    													 has an interesting article on integration testing
    													<a href= "">data access logic with Spring</a> and Hibernate. Very cool!

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