IOC + Javascript at SpringOne 2GX

Engineering | John Hann | December 06, 2012 | ...

by Brian CavalierJohn Hann

We gave a talk on IOC + Javascript at SpringOne 2GX. Front-end web application architecture seemed to be quite a hot topic at the conference, in general, and our talk seemed to be very well received. Here are the video and slides from the talk.

We'll also be starting a blog series about architectural patterns for modern Javascript web apps, featuring posts from members of SpringSource's new front-end architecture team, S2JS. The posts will expand on the concepts presented in our talk, as well as those presented by Scott Andrews and Jeremy Grelle in their talks.

The first post in the series is coming next week. Until then, we hope you enjoy the video and the slides.  If you'd like to get a head start, you can browse the demo app's source code.

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