This Week in Spring - January 8th, 2013

Engineering | Josh Long | January 08, 2013 | ...

Welcome back to another installment of This Week in Spring. As usual, we've got a lot to look at, so, without further ado...

  1. GigaOM has a nice roundup of some of the exciting and important tools in the big-data ecosystem right now. There are many different tools serving different segments of the use cases,
    <a href="">and of course Spring Data is mentioned in there</a>, too!
    	 The <EM> ODBMS Industry Watch</em> blog 
    		and professor Roberto V. Zicari  
    		has a nice  interview 
    		 <a href ="">with Spring ninja David Turanski on Spring Data</a>. Definitely a good read!
       Robin Varghese has put together a straight-forward blog on sending email with
    <a href="">dynamic 
    templates driven  by Velocity</a>. This seems to be a common use case, and it's always good to find
    more up-to-date resources. Many people will no doubt have found Matt Raible's    
     post from 9 <EM>years</em> ago on the same subject, 
    	<a href="">
    	which is also very illustrative but, alas, a little outdated</a>. Nice to see this more updated approach to an old classic!
  2.  Hey, this is <EM>interesting</EM>! Did you guys know there was a Spring for Delphi (also, I guess, referred to as Spring4D)? 
    Me either... @_@  With that in mind, I found this post 
     introducing  <a href="">some of the collection libraries that seem both very friendly and powerful in Spring for Delphi</a>. 
  3. Eren Av?aro?ullar? has a nice post showing how to use dynamic languages (in particular, Groovy) with Spring.
  4. Dinesh Rajput has put together a blog introducing some of the features unique to the Spring Batch 2.x generation, which - while Spring Batch 2.x has been out for years - is always worth a look!
  5. The Java all and Sundry blog has a nice writeup on a piece of Spring MVC's machinery, the RequestMappingHandlerAdapter.
  6. Alex Soto's back, this time with a
    <a href="">post on unit testing Spring Data  MongoDB with NoSQL Unit</a>! Cool. 
  7. The Java Success blog has a post introducing some of the landscape for enterprise integration solutions in the JVM community, and demonstrating some of the concepts of enterprise integration, specifically, with Spring Integration.
  8. The Develop and Conquer blog has a nice example with some trickery to inject a java.util.Date value using the Spring Expression language and the @Value annotation. Very cool!
  9. Abhijit Ghosh put together a decent SpringMVC-based HelloWorld application using Tomcat, Maven, Eclipse (m2e).

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