This Week in Spring - January 15th, 2012

Engineering | Josh Long | January 15, 2013 | ...
 Welcome to another installment of <EM>This Week in Spring</EM>! Can you believe we're already halfway through January?  We've got a <EM>lot</EM> to cover, so let's press on!  In particular, there's a <EM>lot</EM> of great video content to keep you occupied for hours this week. Enjoy! 

<li>Join Scott Andrews as he discusses the role of Javascript in an exciting webinar on  January 24, 2013: <a href="" title="Webinar: Architecture of a Modern Web App"> Architecture of a Modern Web App</a>.</li>
<LI>Join Brian Cavalier and John Hann as they discuss Inversion of Control (IoC) and Javascript in a Webinar on January 31, 2013: <a href="">IOC + Javascript</a>.</LI>
<LI>The <EM>A thought with a cup of coffee!!!</EM> blog has an  introductory post  comparing   
	<a href="">Spring's <CODE>ApplicationContext</CODE>   to the  more general class, the  <CODE>BeanFactory</CODE></a>.

<LI> Last year in April, I spoke at the <EM>Great Indian Developer Summit</EM> in 
Bangalore, India. The show was amazing and - I've just been made aware - some of the videos 
are starting to trickle online.  One talk I gave was <a href =""><EM>Spring and Cloud Foundry: a Marriage Made in Heaven</em></a>, which you can watch online. Unfortunately, they don't seem to also have the slides! 
	 You can get the slides from my <a href=""> profile page</a>. There are multiple permutations of this deck. Enjoy!
  • We released two new SpringOne2GX session replays, Automated Provisioning of Spring Apps to EC2 & VMware vCloud, and Addressing the Big Data Challenge with a Graph: Spring Data Neo4j.
  • Did you miss Jan Machacek's fantastic talk, Akka Eye for the Spring Guy or Gal, from SpringOne2GX 2012? This video is also available on InfoQ!
  • The Java Code Geeks blog has a nice dissection of the way Spring MVC's RequestMappingHandlerMapping class works.
  • Roy Clarkson and Craig Walls' talk, Extending Spring MVC with Spring Mobile and JavaScript, is also now available on InfoQ!
  • Want to take baby steps in learning core Spring 3.0? This blog's for you!
  • Brian's Java blog has a fairly exhaustive introduction to building a SOAP-based web service using Spring Web Services. Definitely worth a read if you need to build contract-first, document-literal SOAP webservices!
  • Mark Reddy's written a nice blog on how to

    use Spring's autowiring capability in conjunction with the @Qualifier annotation.

  • The Kruders blog has an (I confess) very introductory look at how to setup a Spring MVC project with Log4j, but, sometimes, this is exactly what you need!
  • The Java Creed blog has a nice introduction to Spring's caching support as of 3.1.
  • <LI> 
    Christos Matskas has put together a nice post on how to 
    <a href="">handle multiple object definition files
    with Spring.NET</a>
    The <Em>HMKCode</EM> blog <EM>also</EM> has a
    	<A href=""> nice introductory look at core Spring</a>. 
    	The <EM>Kani Notes</EM> blog has <A href="">a nice introduction to data-access logic with Spring and JDBC</a>. Old school but still cool!
    			Xavier Padro's written a nice post <A href="">on how to test WebFlow 2 flows with inheritance</a>.
    				The <EM>fpqqchao</EM> blog has a nice post <a href=""> on using Spring's  <CODE>RoutingDataSource</CODE></a>.  The post is in Chinese, however, so have your Google Translate (or equivalent) plugin's handy!
    		 Mashooq Badar has put together  a nice  post <a href="">on building a master/worker architecture with Spring Integration</a>.
    			<LI>Also, due to some issues with audio/video rendering, we've released a remastered recording of a November webinar: <a href="">Data Access with Spring -- Getting the most out of JPA, JDBC and REST</a></li>
    			<li> Scott Andrews' epic talk from SpringOne2GX 2012  - <a href=""> <em>Architecture of a Modern Web App</em></a> - is now available online on InfoQ.    Don't miss this month webinar (above) for an updated talk.</li>
                <li> Ben Hale gave a very well received talk  on <a href="">RESTful API design with Spring MVC</a> at SpringOne2GX, which you can also find online at InfoQ.
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