SpringOne 2GX 2012 Replays: Ten Great Reasons to Virtualize Java Applications, What's New in CloudFoundry

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Ten Great Reasons to Virtualize Your Java Apps

Customer interest in virtualizing Java workloads has been growing exponentially year on year. For the last few years, the focus has been largely around looking for best practice guidance to mitigate concerns around virtualizing Java workloads, particularly in the area of performance. Since joining VMware, SpringSource has been investing in providing first class support for the Java runtime on vSphere with products such as EM4J. Combined with the industry-leading capabilities of the vSphere platform and the growing product portfolio around the Java ecosystem, there are many great reasons to virtualize Java.

So rather than continuing to ask the question, is it OK to virtualize Java, this session boldly aims to suggest that you would be crazy not to!

About Benjamin Corrie

Benjamin Corrie

Ben Corrie has been working on Java since 1998, where he began at IBM testing JDK 1.1.4. He progressed to working on the internals of IBM's Java Virtual Machine where he lead a project to develop industry-leading memory management technology for the JVM. He joined SpringSource as a consultant in 2008 and moved to California a year later to lead an effort to improve Java performance on vSphere. As the tech lead on the recently announced EM4J project, he is successfully helping to make vSphere the best place to run Java.

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What's New in Cloud Foundry

Come to this session to get an in-depth view of the latest and greatest in Cloud Foundry. It's easier than ever before to build and deploy your distributed polyglot applications. You will see some exciting new options, including new Java and Node runtimes and support for background workers and container-less web apps. These features allow you to create distributed apps comprised of many smaller, focused apps each written in the framework that fits its purpose best. We will also explore the latest in tooling, including new features in the STS plugin and the brand new "next gen" VMC client. We will peek under the hood to see what's new in the Cloud Foundry architecture. From Cloud Foundry beginner to expert, this session has something for everyone.

About Jennifer Hickey

Jennifer Hickey

Jennifer Hickey is a Sr. Software Engineer with SpringSource/VMware, with over a decade of experience in software engineering. Jennifer is a member of the Cloud Foundry team, specializing in developer experience and support of frameworks such as Spring, Grails, Rails, and Sinatra. She is passionate about increasing developer productivity in the cloud. Jennifer has led or contributed to a number of SpringSource projects, including Hyperic and tc Server. She has been involved in converting multiple large EJB/legacy codebases to Spring. Prior to joining SpringSource, Jennifer was a principal architect of a large-scale network management system.

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About Ramnivas Laddad

Ramnivas Laddad

Ramnivas Laddad is a SpringSource Principal Engineer. He has over a decade of experience in applying his enterprise Java and aspect-oriented programming (AOP) expertise to middleware, design automation, networking, web application, user interface, and security projects.

Ramnivas Laddad is a well-known expert in enterprise Java, especially in the area of AOP and Spring. He is the author of AspectJ in Action, the best-selling book on AOP and AspectJ that has been lauded by industry experts for its presentation of practical and innovative AOP applications to solve real-world problems. Ramnivas, a Spring framework committer, is also an active presenter at leading industry events such as JavaOne, JavaPolis, No Fluff Just Stuff, SpringOne, Software Development, and has been an active member of both the AspectJ and Spring communities from their beginnings.

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