When.js 1.8.0 Released

Releases | Jeremy Grelle | February 14, 2013 | ...

Dear Spring Community,

We are pleased to announce the release of when.js 1.8.0.

When.js is cujojs’s lightweight Promises/A and when() implementation, derived from the async core of wire.js, cujojs’s IOC Container. It also provides several other useful Promise-related concepts, such as joining multiple promises, mapping and reducing collections of promises, and timed promises.

Among other things, this release includes an extensive set of adapters for working with existing callback-based APIs, including node-style async APIs, allowing you to effectively convert them into promise-aware functions. In addition, most of the new features in this release are community contributions, which is awesome. Keep it coming!

Some specific highlights include:

  • Adapters for promisifying existing callback-based code.
  • Mechanisms for generating and processing unbounded/infinite lists
  • Promise-based periodic polling utility.

Check out the changelog for more info and direct links to docs for all the new goodies.

If you're still wondering what this cujojs thing is all about, be sure to check out Brian Cavalier and John Hann's "IOC + JavaScript" talk from SpringOne 2012.

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