Webinar Replay: Extending Spring Integration for Splunk

News | Pieter Humphrey | April 01, 2013 | ...

Join David Turanski (SpringSource) and Damien Dallimore (Splunk) as they discuss and demonstrate Splunk and Spring Integration. Spring Integration provides a number of adapters out of the box to support various transports, such as JMS, File, HTTP, Web Services, and Mail. They will introduce the Splunk channel adapter, a new entry to the out of the box adapters available for Spring Integration, which allows data to flow through Spring Integration to interact with data being ingested or queried by Splunk.

For those who may be unfamiliar, Splunk collects, indexes and harnesses machine-generated big data so you can monitor, search, analyze, visualize and act on large streams of real-time and historical machine data.

Demo Source is located at:

About the speakers

Damien Dallimore

Damien Dallimore

Damien is the first Developer Evangelist at Splunk where he engages with the developer community to build big data applications on top of Splunk using Splunk's SDKs and Application framework. A fervent JVM fan, he has a particular interest in the new breed of alternate JVM languages and actually thinks that logging is cool. Prior to joining Splunk, Damien paid his mortgage wearing many different technical hats coding,hacking,engineering and architecting software and solutions around the globe in a variety of industries, primarily in the Enterprise Java space. He is a fanatical All Black's rugby supporter, loves scuba diving and golf and can hold his own on guitar in a blues jam.

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David Turanski

David Turanski

David Turanski is a Senior Software Engineer with SpringSource, a division of VMWare. David is a member of the Spring Data team and lead of the Spring Data GemFire project. He is also a committer on the Spring Integration project. David has extensive experience as a developer, architect and consultant serving a variety of industries. In addition he has trained hundreds of developers how to use the Spring Framework effectively.

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