Spring Batch 2.2.0 RC1 is now available

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We are pleased to announce that Spring Batch 2.2.0.RC1 is now available via the SpringSource Milestone repository. Spring Batch Home | Source on GitHub | Reference Documentation

Support for Spring Data

Spring Data is a collection of projects intended to make it easier to develop Spring-powered applications that use new data access technologies such as non-relational databases. Based on a model of exposing Repository objects, Spring Data allows applications to access data in a simple and consistent way across many new platforms. Spring Batch 2.2.0.RC1 now provides ItemReader and ItemWriter implementations for a number of the data stores supported by Spring Data including MongoDB, Neo4j, and Gemfire (write only). In addition, Spring Batch 2.2.0.RC1 now has a RepositoryItemReader and RepositoryItemWriter that will read and write items from custom Spring Data Repository implementations.

Java Configuration

With this release, Spring Batch 2.2.0.RC1 now supports Java based job definitions. Building a job definition with java configuration is now available via the new @EnableBatchProcessing annotation and a collection of builders that allow you to construct jobs, steps, flows, splits, etc. By using the @EnableBatchProcessing annotation the following features are enabled:
  • Creation of StepScope - Allowing the configuration of beans via @Scope("step")
  • @Autowired - A JobRepository, JobLauncher, JobRegistry, PlatformTransactionManager, JobBuilderFactory and StepBuilderFactory are all available to be autowired into your context.

Non-identifying Job Parameters

Spring Batch 2.2.0.RC1 now supports the use of job parameters that do not contribute to the generation of a JobInstance's identity. As part of this update, the JobParameters is no longer associated with a JobInstance and is now associated with a JobExecution. To support this change, the job repository schema has updated and a migration script has been provided. You can read the details about the migration script in the Getting Started Guide.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

With the release of Spring Batch 2.2.0.RC1, a host of other improvements and bug fixes have been added. The complete list of updates for this release can be found in the changelog for this revision.


Spring Batch Home | Source on GitHub | Reference Documentation

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