Webinar: Resistance Is NOT Futile: How to talk Spring and Influence People

News | Pieter Humphrey | July 08, 2013 | ...

Sure the new features coming out in Spring Framework 4.0 are super exciting, but what about those of us that are still explaining dependency injection to our junior developers? And while Spock, Geb, and spring-test-mvc are revolutionizing our ability to test applications, what about the senior developers that are still justifying the value of unit testing to their managers. Strong technical leadership can overcome the organizational inertia that often resists your team's adoption of Spring technologies. Improve your leadership skills by drawing from lessons that were learned during the process of migrating Liberty University's software development department from "cut-and-paste coding" in ColdFusion to enterprise grade application development on the Spring Framework. Learn to plan an effective technology adoption strategy that avoids "new technology overload" and balances the pace of technology improvement with the necessity to continue production. Relationships with managers, junior developers, and production system administrators will all be important. Gain a better xtunderstanding of nontechnical managers and explore strategies for providing the conte they need to make the right decisions. Examine ways to build mentoring plans for your junior developers that include but extend beyond training and certifications from SpringSource University so that you can spend less time teaching and more time coding.

About the speaker

Tony Erksine, Liberty University

Designed and developed Java web applications using Spring, Hibernate, and Oracle. Coached teams of developers during every stage of the SDLC. Supervised the vetting, hiring, and training of new software developers. Helped transition the organization to agile software development using Scrum. Pioneered the adoption of new technologies and methodologies at Liberty (i.e. Spring, TDD) Participated in various interdepartmental efforts for architecture, crisis resolution, etc. More About Tony

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