Free Spring - Hadoop Conference in Singapore

News | Michael Isvy | August 22, 2013 | ...

We are glad to announce that we will host a FREE conference about Spring and Hadoop on Friday August 30th in downtown Singapore from 6 to 8 PM.

Spring best practices: from Spring Petclinic to Spring Data Hadoop

Michael Isvy joined SpringSource (the company behind Spring, now part of Pivotal) in 2008. He has, since then, taught Spring to more than 1000 students in 10 different countries. He has presented on Spring at numerous conferences and is an active technical blogger on the SpringSource blog. Michael holds the position of Education Manager for the Asia-Pacific region at SpringSource/Pivotal.

He has recently worked on the new Spring-Petclinic sample application, which aims to promote best practices when working with Spring and Spring MVC inside a web application. He will use this application to showcase Spring best practices. He will also bring an interesting perspective on how Spring best practices have evolved over time.

In the end, Michael will present the Spring Data Hadoop project that offers a simple POJO programming model for Apache Hadoop developers.

Getting started with Apache Hadoop

Steve Illingworth is The Chief Technology Officer at Pivotal in Asia Pacific & Japan.  Prior  to  Pivotal, Steve was responsible for architecting Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions based upon Greenplum's Unified Analytics Platform (UAP). With over 19 years of experience in the area of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, Steve is an accomplished presenter having been a keynote speaker at many Industry  events including OpenWorld conferences and iDevelop conferences word-wide.

On a daily basis, Steve works with customers on their journey to Hadoop, using Pivotal HD™ (Pivotal's Hadoop distribution) and HAWQ™ (true SQL parallel database on top of the Hadoop Distributed File System).

Steve will be providing an introduction to Apache Hadoop and Pivotal HD.

For more information or to register directly (free) click here. Please make sure to register in time (limited seats available).

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