This Week in Spring - October 15th, 2013

Engineering | Josh Long | October 15, 2013 | ...

Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! Also, Happy Ada Lovelace day!

This week I'm off to the Lion City, Singapore, to talk to business leaders about Spring at the Asia Pacific Pivotal Summit! If you're in Singapore and want to chat enterprise Java, Spring, Cloud Foundry and big-data, then ping me!

If you're in the San Francisco / Bay Area, then join me at the end of this month, Tuesday October 29 and 30th, at the Pivotal HQ for two talks on Spring: one introducing REST development with Spring, and the other as a general look at the latest and greatest from Spring, as part of Pivotal.

  1. Spring Integration lead Gary Russell has announced that Spring Integration 2.2.6 is now available! latest maintenance release in the current release (2.2.x) branch and includes a number of important bug fixes for (S)FTP, Scripting, TCP, Events, and Mongodb support. Check it out!
  2. Hungry for Hadoop basics? Head over to to see the replay from the recent Hadoop Webinar series: Building Big Data Applications with Hadoop & Spring.
  3. Join Juergen Hoeller for an annotation-based view of Spring on Thursday Oct 24th: Modern Component Design with Spring, register now for Europe or North America
  4. On Nov 19th, join me and John Davies to learn about Dynamic routing at 1 million per second with Spring Integration. register now for Europe or North America.
  5. On Nov 21st, join me for a webinar, Have you seen Spring Lately? where I talk through everything that has happened with Spring this year, particularly with what was announced at SpringOne this year. Register now for Europe or North America.
  6. Meanwhile, over on the blog, there's another great post, this one on using Spring MVC and Google Maps for geo location.
  7. The JavaBeat blog has a nice post on how to use the Spring MVC Test Framework to test Spring MVC applications.
  8. The ISOS Technology blog has a nice post on unit testing Spring MVC Portlets
  9. The third installment of a series of posts I did introducing Spring's rich REST stack is now available on the Safari blog. The code, as always, is available on my GitHub account.
  10. You can easily install Spring Boot through Homebrew: brew tap pivotal/tap && brew install springboot. This is of course in addition to some of the other amazing Pivotal technologies that you can get through Homebrew, including the Spring REST Shell (brew install rest-shell), and RabbitMQ (brew install rabbitmq)
  11. Do you want to use RabbitMQ via JMS? Spring ninja Greg Turnquist has done a nice job demonstrating how to use the RabbitMQ JMS connector from Spring). Check out this post for more details!
  12. Microsoft's done a lot of work to make Redis available on Windows! Check out this MSDN Channel 9 video on running Redis on Windows.
  13. the blog provides a quick and dirty look at RabbitMQ. Nice! (and, extra points for finding a domain that looks like a Linux linked library!)
  14. Check out this video demonstrating how to setup New Relic monitoring support for a Spring application running on Cloud Foundry.

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