Spring Security 3.2.0.RC2 Released

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Spring Security 3.2.0.RC2 is now available from the SpringSource repository at http://repo.springsource.org. See here for a quick tutorial on resolving these artifacts via Maven.

What's new?

The release resolves 80+ issues. Most of the issues for this release were fixing bug, adding documentation, and converting our documentation to Asciidoctor.

Refer to the recently added What's new in Spring Security 3.2 to find all the highlights of this release. You will notice there are some nice features that have been added that I have not blogged about. Be sure to follow the links to see and links to details within the reference.

There are a few non-passive changes to the Java Configuration support that should be emphasized.

registerAuthentication -> configure

The first change is that the registerAuthentication(AuthenticationManagerBuilder) method on WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter and GlobalMethodSecurityConfiguration has been changed to configure(AuthenticationManagerBuilder). This better aligns with the Spring Security configuration naming conventions and reduces the size of the method signature to save on typing.

ObjectPostProcessor.QUIESENT_POSTPROCESSOR removed

The second change is that if you were creating your own instance of AuthenticationManagerBuilder, you were probably passing in ObjectPostProcessor.QUIESENT_POSTPROCESSOR into it. This could cause serious issues (memory leaks among other things). Therefore, ObjectPostProcessor.QUIESENT_POSTPROCESSOR has been removed. Instead, users should utilize the Global AuthenticationManagerBuilder that is available when using @EnableWebSecurity or @EnableGlobalMethodSecurity. For example, if you want to configure global authentication (i.e. you only have a single AuthenticationManager) you should autowire the AuthenticationMangerBuilder:

public void configureGlobal(AuthenticationManagerBuilder auth) {
   // ... configure it ...

If you are wanting the scope of the authentication to be private to a particular WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter you can override the configure(AuthenticationManagerBuilder) method.

Feedback Please

As always keep the feedback coming. If you have questions, please post to stackoverflow with the spring-security tag. If you find issues, please log them in our JIRA. We plan to do a final release in early December, so make sure to give Spring Security 3.2 a try before then to make sure it works for you!

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