Spring Integration 3.0 Release Candidate 1 is Now Available

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We are extremely pleased to announce that Spring Integration 3.0.0.RC1 is now available in the Spring Milestone Repo

This release uses Spring Framework 3.2.5 by default but is also compatible with Spring 3.1.x and 4.0.x.

The release notes, showing changes since milestone 3, are available here.

##First, a Note About Spring Framework 4 Support

Spring Framework 4.0 has a new spring-messaging module that contains a number of key abstractions from Spring Integration.

Spring Integration 3, while being compatible with Spring Framework 4, does not depend on it, and does not use these classes, so that it can also be used with Spring Framework 3.2 and 3.1.

We are planning to release Spring Integration 4 in early 2014, which will be completely compatible with (and require) Spring Framework 4, utilizing its spring-messaging module as a foundation. A milestone will be available very soon after Spring Framework 4 is released.

##What's New in 3.0

The complete "What's New" for the 3.0 release can be found in the Reference Documentation, but here are a few highlights...

###New and Modified Endpoints

  • syslog inbound adapter (UDP and TCP)
<int-syslog:inbound-channel-adapter id="foobar" channel="foo" port="1514" />
  • A JMX inbound adapter that polls multiple _MBean_s/attributes.
<jmx:tree-polling-channel-adapter id="jmxtree"
	<si:poller max-messages-per-poll="1" fixed-rate="5000"/>
  • File tailing inbound adapter
<int-file:tail-inbound-channel-adapter id="tailer"
	file="/tmp/baz" />
  • Scripted inbound adapter
  • The Content Enricher can now update headers as well as the payload
  • The HTTP inbound endpoints now utilize Spring MVC 3.1 RequestMapping - a single endpoint can now support multiple paths
  • Redis Queue inbound and outbound adapters
  • _Gateway_s now support setting common headers (including the invoked Method) across all gateway methods
<int:gateway id="myGateway"
	<int:default-header name="calledMethod"
  • FTP/SFTP inbound adapters can be configured to preserve the remote timestamp
  • FTP/SFTP gateways now support mv (rename), put and mput commands; ls, mget and mput now support recursion - allowing the transfer of a directory tree.
  • JPA endpoints can now store multiple (Iterable) entities; in addition, flush and clear operations are supported
  • Elements within a <chain/> can now have an id, allowing them to be made available as beans and/or _MBean_s
  • A mechanism is now available allowing the transfer of selected _MessageHeader_s over TCP
  • TCP Connection Events inbound adapter - _ApplicationEvent_s are now emitted when connections are opened, closed, or an exception occurs
<int-ip:tcp-connection-event-inbound-channel-adapter channel="events" />

###General Improvements

  • Header Channel Registry - when serializing messages, you can now save off header channels (reply, error) in a registry and the registry will be referenced if necessary, when sending a reply. This can be used to avoid No output-channel or replyChannel header available _ChannelResolutionException_s.
  • SpEL Functions can be registered and made available to all messaging SpEL expressions
<int:spel-function id="foo"
	class="foo.MyUtils" method="evaluate(java.lang.String, java.lang.Object)"/>

<int:transformer input-channel="in" output-channel="out"
		 expression="#foo(headers.bar, payload)" />

Two built-in functions are provided: #jsonPath and #xpath.

Custom _PropertyAccessor_s can also be added to the evaluation contexts.

  • Redis Metadata Store - used to store state for feed and twitter adapters.
  • Configurable MongoDb Message Store - a more flexible message store is now available
  • Inline scripts can now have variables
  • A persistent AcceptOnceFileListFilter is now available, preventing duplicates across system restarts.


Please see the project page for more information and links for downloads, documentation etc.

We will be releasing shortly, so we would appreciate users giving this release candidate a spin.

A number of migration considerations are detailed in the migration guide.


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