50% off all Groovy/Grails Books from Manning Dec 26th and 27th

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Manning Countdown to 2014

In celebration of Spring Framework 4.0 launch, Pivotal is excited to sponsor Manning's "Countdown to 2014" and their "Day of Spring / Groovy / Grails", a joint promotion with Manning Publications where we offer 50% discounts for specific days, on books that are hand-picked by the Spring, Groovy, Grails folks at Pivotal. Manning is also making an additional offer to anyone that purchases the Deal of the Day - they are automatically entered to win one free copy of an eBook and one chance to win an iPad mini!

Monday, December 23 - MEGA DEAL - 50% off everything. Code: gpivdotd13

All codes are good for 48 hours.

You read excerpts from books online for free by clicking on the links below. We hope you enjoy the deals!

Spring in Action, 4th Edition

By Craig Walls


Read except from Chapter 1


Spring Integration in Action

By Mark Fisher, Jonas Partner, Marius Bogoevici, and Iwein Fuld

Foreword by Rod Johnson

Sample chapter 3

Sample chapter 18

Spring Batch in Action

By Arnaud Cogoluegnes, Thierry Templier, Gary Gregory, Olivier Bazoud

Sample chapter 1

Sample chapter 5


Spring in Practice

by Willie Wheeler with Joshua White

Sample chapter 11

Sample chapter 13

RabbitMQ in Action

By Alvaro Videla and Jason J.W. Williams

Sample chapter 1

Sample chapter 8

RabbitMQ in Action

RabbitMQ in Depth

By Gavin M. Roy


Read Except from Chapter 1

RabbitMQ in Action



Groovy in Action, Second Edition

Dierk König, Guillaume Laforge, Paul King, Cédric Champeau, Hamlet D'Arcy, Erik Pragt, and Jon Skeet


Read except from Chapter 1


Grails in Action

By Glen Smith and Peter Ledbrook

Foreword by Dierk Koenig

Sample chapter 1

Sample chapter 7

Gradle in Action

By Benjamin Muschko

Read except from Chapter 1

Griffon in Action

By Andres Almiray, Danno Ferrin, and James Shingler

Sample chapter 1

Sample chapter 13

RabbitMQ in Action

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