This Week in Spring - January 21st, 2014

Engineering | Josh Long | January 22, 2014 | ...

Welcome back to another installment of This Week in Spring! As usual, we've got a lot to cover so let's dive into it!

Quick reminder: if you're in the San Francisco bay area, be sure to join me tomorrow evening at the Oakland JUG where I'll be speaking about Spring and Spring Boot!

  1. Join us on February 11th for a webinar introducing what's coming in Apache Tomcat 8.
  2. Join Spring Data engineers Oliver Gierke and Thomas Darimont on February 18 for a webinar introducing Spring Data repositories best-practices
  3. Check out the replay of Spring MVC ninja Rossen Stoyanchev's talk from SpringOne2GX 2013 on WebSocket Applications with Spring Framework 4.0.
  4. Check out the replay of Spring Security lead Rob Winch's webinar introducing Spring Security 3.2
  5. Check out Mattias Severson's SpringOne 2013 session replay reviewing Spring MVC test APIs.
  6. Spring Security lead Rob Winch has a nice post on how cookies can be exploited if not properly secured.
  7. Meanwhile, over on the Pivotal blog, C24 Founder and CTO John Davies gives us a look at how C24 is delivering high scalability for large financial-services companies with Spring, RabbitMQ, Pivotal, and GemFire.
  8. Les Cast Codeurs, a French language coding podcast (though, fairly well dominated by JVM technologies), interviewed Grails and Reactor committer Stephane Maldini, check it out!
  9. The Squadron blog has a nice post on how to use TLS (and the instructions are basically the same for SSL). This post is not specific to Spring, but if you're looking at Spring Security's X.509 support, then this article will be very useful.
  10. Mkyong is back with another post, this time on using TestNG with Spring.
  11. The Blas from the Pas blog has a nice post on how to use Thymeleaf and Spring MVC. You might also check out our guide on the subject.
  12. Andriy Redko has a nice post on how to use the Scala language sbt build tool with a simple Spring application. The thrust of this post is to introduce sbt, which is an alternative build tool to things like Maven or Gradle.
  13. The Develop and Conquer blog has a nice post on using Spring 4's websocket support.
  14. Our pal Xavier Padró is back, this time with a look at how to migrate XML-configured web applications to the recently released Spring 4.0
  15. Spring Data lead Oliver Gierke's talk from Geecon, Data Access 2.0? Please welcome Spring Data!, is now available online to watch. Enjoy!
  16. Jakub Kubrynski has a nice post on using Spring's Java-centric web configuration options.
  17. The Remove duplications and fix bad names blog has a nice post on unit-testing with Spring and Mockito.
  18. The Isos Tech blog has a post on the subject of using two JPA EntityManagers in one Spring application.

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