Spring Framework 4.0.3 released - with Java 8 support now production-ready

Releases | Juergen Hoeller | March 27, 2014 | ...

Dear Spring community,

It's my pleasure to announce that Spring Framework 4.0.3 is available. This is the first release of the framework after Java 8's launch last week; it is built with OpenJDK 8 GA now and includes the latest ASM 5.0.1 (with bytecode support at the JDK 8 GA level as well, superseding the custom ASM 4.2 fork that we were previously using).


Spring Framework 4.0.3 also comes with significant enhancements in the WebSocket space, with a lot of real-life feedback incorporated back into the framework and its configuration options. It's great to see so much practical use after just 3 months of general availability of our WebSocket support... Keep it up, and keep the feedback coming!

WebSocket coverage in the reference documentation...

On a forward-looking note, the Spring Framework team is moving on to 4.1 development now, with a first set of new features to show up in 4.1 snapshots soon. We are also preparing for a 4.0.4 release in May; however, this will be a maintenance release only, since we consider the 4.0.x feature set to be complete at this point.

Check out the detailed release plan on JIRA...



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