This Week in Spring - April 15, 2014

Engineering | Josh Long | April 15, 2014 | ...

Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This week, I'm in Paris, France talking to developers about Spring Framework 4.0, Spring Boot, and more at Devoxx FR. Next week it's off to Bangalore, India for the Great Indian Developer Summit. As always, ping me online if you're around either location and want to talk Spring.

  1. Tuesday April 30th Webinar - don't miss Ashley Puls (New Relic) and myself as they track and trace through modern web apps: Web Application Diagnostics with Java and Javascript
  2. Tuesday April 22nd Webinar - see what stole the EclipseCon 2014 keynote: Martin Lippert and Mike Milinkovich demoing alpha versions of Project Flux: Connecting Eclipse to the Cloud-Based Era of Developer Tooling. Register today!
  3. Thomas Risberg and Janne Valkealahti show how they can use a single programming model / configuration model for Java MapReduce, Streaming, Hive, Pig, Cascading, or HBase in this SpringOne2GX 2013 Replay: Getting started with Spring Data and Apache Hadoop
  4. 90 minutes with Jags Ramnarayan and Anthony Baker at SpringOne2GX 2013: In-memory data and compute on top of Hadoop
  5. Check out Kevin Nilson (Google) and myself co-presenting at SpringOne2GX 2013 on Spring Profiles, and how it is an amazing tool for managing code through the normal dev/stage/production lifecycle: Multi Environment Spring Applications.
  6. I'm back with Roy Clarkson at SpringOne2GX 2013 talking about Spring Mobile/Android, REST/OAUTH and more in: Building Smart Clients with Spring
  7. Erdem Günay has put together a very nice post on how he used the Spring Expression Language (SpEL) and Spring Boot to dynamically send remote installation instructions to a wide array of Android clients, dynamically.
  8. Our pal Sam Brannen is going to be speaking at the Atlanta Spring User Group! One of the smart
  9. Moritz Schulze put together a very, very detailed post on how his company developed a time tracking, vacation-time managing application called Trackr with Java 8 and Spring Boot
  10. Mario Arias has put together a version of the Spring relational data Getting Started Guide using the Kotlin language. Kotlin is JetBrains' statically typed programming language to JVM byte codes and JavaScript. Very cool! I have never seen the kotlinprimavera module(s) before, but I dig it!
  11. Patrick Chanezon, director of enterprise evangelism at Microsoft, sat in on the vJUG meetup talk I gave on Spring Boot recently and set about hacking! The result is some guidance on how to deploy a Spring Boot application to Microsoft's Azure PaaS. Nice! Merci, Patrick!
  12. Hai Nguyen has put together a very nice post on how to configure / consume an embedded Jetty's JNDI-bound DataSource
  13. Did you miss Spring framework lead Juergen Hoeller's epic talk about Spring 4 and Java 8 from GOTO Amsterdam? Have no fear, you can watch it online!
  14. This is a particularly PaaSy This Week in Spring! Kim Saabye Pedersen has written a nice post on using Spring Boot on RedHat's OpenShift PaaS
  15. Our friend Petri Kainulainen is back, this time with a very nice post on using JOOQ with Spring. Petri's an amazing person to have in the community. I hope you don't need me to tell you that. Bookmark his site. It's almost always worth it.
  16. Our pal at Netflix, Tomás Lin, is back! This time he's got a post on bundling web content with Spring Boot and Gradle
  17. Michael Simons posted a very detailed post on how he's developing a Boot web application. Thanks for the detailed writeup, Michael. Very valuable feedback.

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