DISID to lead Spring Roo Project

News | Pieter Humphrey | April 24, 2014 | ...

DISID to lead Spring Roo Project


We are happy to announce that Pivotal and DISID will collaborate on further development of the Spring Roo project. Roo will continue in its goal of providing a code-gen style of RAD framework, focused helping developers get Java projects done on time.

Pivotal and DISID were already in collaboration around Roo for some time, so we’re excited to be formalizing what originally was an informal, developer led partnership – a partnership that DISID is committed to. The Spring Roo project will remain as an open source project under Spring, maintaining the same current licensing policy. Both Pivotal and DISID are calling on the Spring and Java communities for anyone who would like to collaborate in the project with us!

Learn more at http://www.disid.com/web/guest/spring-roo

Follow DISID on Twitter @disid_corp for more updates!

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