This Week in Spring - June 17, 2014

Engineering | Josh Long | June 17, 2014 | ...

Welcome to another installation of This Week in Spring. This week I'm in Toronto, Canada, visiting the Pivotal Labs offices and talking to customers doing amazing things with different parts of the Spring platform.

There is some very exciting news coming tomorrow, so be sure to check this blog tomorrow!

  1. Spring for Hadoop 2.0 GA has been released! The new release adds support for Apache Hadoop (2.2, 2.4), Pivotal HD 2.0, Cloudera CDH 5, and Hortonworks HDP 2.1, supports YARN, new readers/writers for working with HDFS, new support for reading and writing POJO datasets using the Kite SDK, and a lot more.
  2. Spring YARN ninja Janne Valkealahti has put together some epic guides introducing Spring YARN. Related: there are Canadian banks interested in this stuff! BANKS - the most risk averse organizations in the world!
  3. Stéphane Nicoll talks about the improvements in our Spring Cache abstraction coming in Spring 4.1.
  4. Stéphane also debuts the new Getting Started guide that introduces the Spring Cache abstraction. Very cool!
  5. Join Greg Turnquist on July 8th for a webinar about Building your app management tools with Spring Boot. See how to monitor application logs using a little Spring Integration, Spring WebSocket+STOMP, and other technologies, all with some lightweight Boot+Groovy code.
  6. From the trenches: Join Casey Doolittle and Phil Dutson on July 15th for a webinar about a crazy prioject, and how they had to Build a Shopping Cart in 24 Hours using Spring.
  7. Check out this upcoming webinar by Michael Plod on why he recommends Spring - learn the business and technology case! Michael is a great speaker and frequently appears at conferences. Register now for the event on July 22nd.
  8. On July 29th, Russ Danner from Crafter software will tell us about Conquering Content-enabled Web and Mobile Applications with Spring and Groovy.
  9. SpringOne2GX 2013 replay from Splunk: Integrating Splunk into your Spring Applications
  10. SpringOne2GX 2013 replay from JFrog: Open/Closed Software - Developing freemium application using Spring Framework
  11. Kailashnath Kutti talks about scripting and and querying Hadoop at the Singapore Spring User Group. Nice talk, check it out!
  12. Speaking of Hadoop, check out this article on GigaOm about the state of the Hadoop ecosystem, and of Pivotal's contributions
  13. I liked Rafał Nowak's introduction to Spring Boot.
  14. There's a nice post on Dzone by Lubos Krnac on secure-by-default vs. secure-by-exception approaches to using Spring Security. I like it! The nice thing about Spring Security is that the choice is always yours.
  15. Sezin Karli put together a nice post on how to use Spring Boot's auto configuration support for Spring Social
  16. I loved Netflix engineer Tomas Lin's great post on reading and validating lists of properties with Spring Boot.
  17. Congrats to team Socrates on winning the Neo4j prize at HackSummit for most innovative use of a graph Database for social good. Does this have much to do with Spring? No, it's just that Neo4j's a very nice choice for many different types of data workloads. You might check out the webinar the amazing Michael Hunger and I did on the topic a little while ago!
  18. An oldie but a goodie: Keyhole software's Mark Adelsberger put together a nice post on how they use Spring's RabbitMQ support, following a tutorial on the same subject.

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