Meetup Replay: Using Spring Framework 4.0 and Java 8

News | Pieter Humphrey | June 23, 2014 | ...

Speaker: Adib Saikali

Spring Framework 4.0 ships with Java 8 support that means being that you can start using all the great features of Java 8 right away. This presentation will show examples of how to use Java 8 with Spring Framework 4 in the repository layer, the services layer and the controller layer. For each example we will show a Java 7 and a Java 8 version so that you can easily see the pros and cons of the Java 8 based solution. No previous experience with Java 8 is required or assumed, we will cover some basic features of Java 8 as we go along. About the speaker: Adib is an expert programmer and has a passion for the interface between business and technology. He launched his career as a coder with a number of entrepreneurial organizations, ranging from small startups to (the then 750-employee) RIM. Adib has trained and mentored thousands of developers at organizations throughout Canada, USA and Europe. His substantial technical knowledge, extensive project experience and ability to look at technical problems from a variety of perspectives allow him to create innovative solutions to 'real world' problems.

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