Spring Integration and AMQP Releases Available

Releases | Gary Russell | November 11, 2014 | ...

Dear Spring Community,

Following on from the recent announcements of release candidates for Spring Integration and Spring AMQP, we are extremely pleased to announce that Spring Integration 4.1.0.RELEASE and Spring AMQP 1.4.0.RELEASE are now available for download.

On Nov 12, 2014, DZone research recognized Spring Integration as the leader of the ESB / Integration framework space, leading with 42% marketshare, in a publication of their recent survey results.

Many thanks to all contributors, including several who are new to the community.

The releases are available now in the Spring repository and will be in maven central within a few hours.

Refer to the previous announcements [5] [6] for more information as well as the "what's new" documentation for Spring Integration and Spring AMQP.

There are only a few changes since the release candidates, mostly documentation and a few bug fixes; the details can be found in the release notes [1][2].

Refer to the project pages [3][4] for more details.

In addition, the following maintenance releases are also available containing important bug fixes. Click on these links to see the corresponding release notes showing resolved issues Spring Integration 4.0.5.RELEASE, Spring Integration 3.0.6.RELEASE, and Spring AMQP 1.3.7.RELEASE.

[1] Spring Integration 4.1.0 Release Notes

[2] Spring AMQP 1.4.0 Release Notes

[3] http://projects.spring.io/spring-integration/

[4] http://projects.spring.io/spring-amqp/

[5] Spring Integration 4.1 Release Candidate Announcement

[6] Spring AMQP 1.4 Release Candidate Announcement

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