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Pivotal Recognized in DZone’s 2014 Guide to Enterprise Integration

News | Pieter Humphrey | November 12, 2014 | ...

We are very excited to be recognized as the marketshare leader for the ESB and lightweight integration framework markets in DZone’s 2014 Guide to Enterprise Integration, a premium resource focused on enterprise integration and API management trends, strategies, and tools. The guide includes topic introductions, expert opinions, best practices, and solution comparisons. Readers of the guide will get an overview of enterprise integration and learn about obstacles that developers are facing to create seamless integration. Topics covered by the guide include:

  • The role of message queues, middleware, and ESBs in the enterprise.
  • Decomposition patterns for breaking down monolithic architecture.
  • A model for understanding the maturity level of REST APIs.
  • A forecast of how building a large project with multiple integrations might look in the future.

DZone’s Enterprise Integration guide also offers key insights into integration and API management practices through a survey of 500+ developers and experts, allowing readers to learn trends from practitioners in the technology professional community. Additionally, the guide’s solutions directory compares different API management platforms, integration suites, ESBs, message queues, and integration frameworks to help readers wisely choose the solutions they need.

Readers can download a free copy of the guide here.

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About Spring Integration 4.1 GA release

Releasing on the same day as the DZone research, Spring Integration 4.1 GA offers 1st class Spring Framework 4.1, Java 8, WebSocket support. Longtime users will enjoy the new built-in EIP patterns, Redis Queue Gateway support. Most importantly, check out the soon-to-be-released Java DSL - very exciting. Rabbit users will also discover that Spring AMQP 1.4 GA makes full use of Spring Framework 4.1, and offers Rabbit messaging enhancements.

Learn more about Spring Integration 4.1 GA

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