This Week in Spring - February 24th, 2015

Engineering | Josh Long | February 24, 2015 | ...

Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! We've got a lot to cover so let's get to it!

  1. Our pal Adam Koblentz (from ZeroTurnaround) put up this great post introducing building a websocket application with Spring Boot and JRebel. Check it out!
  2. Check out this replay of Mark Fisher, Dr. Mark Pollack, and Sabby Anandan's webinar introducing Spring XD - A Platform for data at scale and developer productivity
  3. A huge part of the Pivotal Data Suite, of course, is Spring XD. Last week I surfaced some of the amazing Spring XD wiki content on the new stream processing supports in Spring XD 1.1. Check out the Wiki page for a more detailed look by Spring XD ninja Ilayaperumal Gopinathan.
  4. Spring Cloud co-lead Spencer Gibb has been improving the Spring Cloud Netflix integration. Check out this example demonstrating using RxJava's Observable<T> return-values from Spring MVC. Here are the changes.
  5. March Webinars are here, and it's packed with Javascript, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.

This killer lineup starts with Dr. Dave Syer's epic VII part blog series on Angular - lightweight API gateway - Spring Security - made into a webinar on March 10th. Then Scott Deeg will examine the same thing, except with Google's Polymer on the frontend, on a webinar March 24th. Lastly, Julien Dubois will introduce the AngularJS+Boot application generator, JHipster on March 17th, 2015.
6. Alvin Reyes's posts introducing how to configure Apache Tomcat's server.xml and users.xml are wonderful resources. 7. Reactor project-lead Jon Brisbin has just announced Reactor RC1!
8. Spring ninja Stéphane Nicoll has just announced the Spring framework maintenance release, 4.1.5 9. Last week, we at Pivotal announced some big changes; we've open-sourced our Pivotal Data Suite! Check out this InfoQ post on the subject 10. Spring IO Platform lead Andy Wilkinson has just released improved support for Maven Bill-of-Material dependency management using Gradle 11. Eclipse foundation member John Arthorne and Spring Tool Suite lead Martin Lippert's talk, Eclipse IDE to the Cloud-Based Era of Developer Tooling from JavaOne 2014 is available online and well worth a watch! 12. The SD Times article on the open-sourcing of the Pivotal Data Suite is worth a read, too. 13. Not related but still awesome: HTTP2 is now a thing! 14. Check out Rick Hightower's post on using the QBit framework with Spring Boot. Interesting.. 15. Hubert Klein Ikkink put together a quick look at using Spring Boot's OutputCapture JUnit @Rule in a Spock test. 16. Our pal Eugen Paraschiv put together a great look at using the venerable JdbcTemplate 17. Disid's Enrique Ruiz put together a nice post on using Spring Roo from STS. 18. Check out this week's SpringOne2GX 2014 replays: SpringOne2GX 2014 Replay: Panel Session: Real World Boot-up sequences SpringOne2GX 2014 Replay: Spring Data REST - Data Meets Hypermedia SpringOne2GX Replay: Spring Batch Performance Tuning SpringOne2GX 2014 Replay: Artistic Spring Data Neo4j 3.x with Spring Boot

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