SpringOne2GX 2014 Replay: Caching with Spring: Advanced Topics and Best Practices

News | Pieter Humphrey | March 03, 2015 | ...

Recorded at SpringOne2GX 2014.

Speaker: Michael Plod

Core Spring Track

Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/SpringCentral/spring-one2gx-caching-with-spring

Caching is relevant for a wide range of business applications and there is a huge variety of products in the market ranging from easy to adopt local heap based caches to powerful distributed data grids. This talk addresses advanced usage of Spring’s caching abstraction such as integrating a cache provider that is not integrated by the default Spring Package. In addition to that I will also give an overview of the JCache Specification and it’s adoption in the Spring ecosystem. Finally the presentation will also address various best practices for integrating various caching solutions into enterprise grade applications that don’t have the luxury of having "eventual consistency“ as a non-functional requirement. This talk comes with many live demos, some of them are demoed on a distributed cache cluster on Raspberry Pis and Lego Mindstorms robots (running Spring).

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