This Week in Spring - March 3, 2015

Engineering | Josh Long | March 03, 2015 | ...

Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This week I'm in Kansas City, Kansas, hanging out with my pal and Spring Security lead Rob Winch. This week, I'm speaking at the local User Group and the Spring User Group, and I'll be talking to Cerner and a few other large businesses about Spring, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.

As usual, we've got a lot of great stuff to talk about, so let's go to it!

  1. Spring Boot co-lead Phil Webb just announced Spring Boot 1.2.2 and Spring Boot 1.1.11. Both releases are recommended upgrades, and Spring Boot 1.2.2 even includes new support for the Mustache templating library. Nice!
  2. Check out John Hann's SpringOne2GX 2014 talk, introducing Rave.js, which brings Spring Boot-concepts to JavaScript
  3. I put together a blog on building applications that use the Servlet HTTP session in a scalable manner and in a portable way - from application server, web server, and cloud - with ease.
  4. Chris Beams's SpringOne2GX 2014 talk, The Revolution will not be Centralized is now available online.
  5. Want to learn more about caching in Spring? Check out this replay of Michael Plod's SpringOne2GX 2014 talk introducing advanced caching improvements in Spring framework
  6. Brian Clozel and Rossen Stoyanchev's SpringOne2GX 2014 talk introducing resource handling in Spring MVC 4.1 is awesome check it out!
  7. Spring Security lead Rob Winch just announced Spring Security 4.0 RC2 which includes, among other things, support for websockets! Check it out and try the bits out now!
  8. Rob Winch also just announced Spring Security 3.2.6 which improves the Java configuratino and Spring Boot integration, so check it out!
  9. This isn't specific to Spring, or any tech, per se, but it's inspiring an inspiring at how machine learning used to predict clinical response to anti-cancer drugs
  10. Speaking of Rob Winch, and education ninja Ken Kreuger, check out their SpringOne2GX 2014 talk on integration testing, now available on InfoQ.
  11. Alex Zhitnitsky put together a nice comparison of Spring Boot and Dropwizard
  12. Check out these Spring Cloud PaaS connectors for IBM's Bluemix, which is based on Cloud Foundry
  13. Rahman Usta put together an amazing cool demo of a web-based SSH client (with Spring Boot in the backend)
  14. This video demonstrates how to use Codeenvy and Spring Boot

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